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  • Milnam Ltd is a leading business development company on a quest to stimulate you and/or your company’s sales while boosting business growth and development in a way that sustainably satisfies each of your targeted customers while outclassing your competition.
  • Milnam Ltd’s business development model appeals to individuals and companies that make products to sell, sell products made by other companies or sell/supply intangible services.
  • Milnam Ltd’s customer value proposition is driving business growth and development through sourcing a productive and skilled salesforce, or upskilling a company’s existing sales force to effectively sell well-positioned and profitable products and services through an efficient and reliable sales process.

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The foundation of our success is hinged on our drive to serve our customers diligently. The strength of our success therefore is ignited through actions our people put into practice daily to meet our client’s business development aspirations and goals.


Our Reputation at Milnam is Gold. Our Integrity is our Gold Mine. We hold nothing more dearly than serving our clients with integrity.


We seek out, embrace, and push for boundless creativity and are always striving to do better in serving our customers are given the fast-changing business environment. We never give up seeking ways to solve even the toughest of our client’s business development challenges.

Customer Centricity

Our Customers are greatly valued. Providing tailor-made solutions that address our customer’s business development needs are key to our business. We continuously focus on strengthening our customer value propositions that not only meet but exceed their business development expectations. We strive to understand our customers and give them the best.


We strive for excellence by establishing a culture of exceptional execution through proactive empowerment and rewarding those who create outstanding outcomes.

Team Work

We believe every successful business or organization strives for teamwork. That's why it's one of our core values, it makes goals more attainable in an effective manner.


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The ultimate priority for every organization remains ensuring customer needs are effectively and eficiently met. Only then will business development goals be achieved, at the very least. With an ever changing business landscape, technological advances, ever rising customer expectations and cutthroat competition from all corners of the globe, the need to prioritize and effectively implement a robust business plan is now more important than ever before. Sales is the blood of any business. On the other hand, Marketing tells the story of any company’s solution in addressing its client’s challenges. Sales and marketing, enshrined in a robust business development strategy facilitate an organization’s ability to thrive and not just survive in today’s business arena.


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